Florence and the Officine Galileo

The story of the Officine Galileo and its branches has been an integral part of the social, industrial and economic history of Florence in the last 150 years. From the rudimentary workshop housed at the Istituto Tecnico to a firm able to develop the most modern technologies, the events marking the life of the Officine Galileo have left an indelible mark on the Florentine milieu. Directors, engineers, office employees, specialized technicians and workers have all contributed to developing a "company spirit" based on satisfaction for the high quality level and a sense of belonging to a firm that has represented an important stage in Italy's industrial development. In addition to producing innovative machines, instruments and technology, the Officine Galileo has been a melting pot of social experience and a place where, even during times of conflict and tension, the characteristics and dynamics of a 21st-century company have been developed. Today the Museo della Tecnologia "Adolfo Tiezzi" of Selex ES displays the material testimonials to this history.