Archimede, Trattati, Piero della Francesca copy

    • Data:
      15th century
    • Materiali:
      Paper manuscript
    • Dimensioni:
      base 22 cm, height 20 cm
    • Collocazione:
      Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana
    • Inventario:
      Ricc. 106
  • Archimede, Trattati, Piero della Francesca copy

Copied by Piero della Francesca, this manuscript proposes the new Latin translation by Jacopo of Cremona, appointed by Pope Nicholas V around 1450 and contains a whole corpus of Archimedes' works. Piero's careful preparation in the mathematical sciences - the basis for his perspective studies - is corroborated in the approximately 200 drawings scattered in the margins with particularly fine developments of the spiral, one of the Archimedes' arguments that most fascinated the Humanists.