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The Concept of the Exhibition

This virtual exhibition was conceived out of the desire to make noteworthy of the precious collection of coins and medals conserved at Museo Galileo. The core of the exhibition consists of the Aperlo Collection, thus-called from the name of the collector that collected and classified not only medical and scientific medals but also commemorative coins of conventions, academies and events related to the history of medicine. This collection is comprised of over 350 samples.


Exhibition Guide

The exhibition is chronologically organized; the medals are ordered by the century in which they were minted. They are listed alphabetically in two separate ways: a complete list of all the medals and a smaller list of only the coins with portrait representations.

Every medal has a corresponding data card furnished with images of both its obverse and reverse sides and other identified data as well as transcriptions of the inscriptions - when present.

Related digital resources make available Giovanni Aperlo's manuscript catalogue and many pamphlets about the collection published by Aperlo himself.