New Products, New Markets

In the last twenty years of the 19th century the Officine Galileo, in addition to constructing laboratory and topographical instruments (often copied from the models of famous French and German manufacturers), began to manufacture many different products. These included a servo mechanism for ship rudders, telegoniometers for the Navy, optical telegraphs, apparatus for photogrammetry, dynamos and arc lamps for public lighting. Not all of these productions met with success, and some were abandoned. Under the direction of Martinez, who had important contacts in the Navy, the production of naval equipment was intensified, with large orders coming from Italy and abroad. During World War I especially there was a strong demand for periscopes to be used in submarines, for position finders, aiming devices and above all for searchlights with arc lamps and great parabolic reflectors for ships. Lastly, in collaboration with the Weston company, Martinez inaugurated the construction of top-quality electrical measuring instruments. By 1911, personnel at the Rifredi plant numbered 260.