Good Times and Bad Times

Although the instruments produced by the Officina Galileo received national and international recognition at exhibitions, the market was limited and the competition fierce. Since the instruments for teaching and laboratories did not ensure the prosperity of the firm, it had to recur repeatedly to subsidizing by the Istituto Agrario Vegni, which had acquired it in 1883. At the end of the 19th century the engineer Giulio Martinez took over management of the company. He decided to enlarge its production and modernize both its machinery and its working methods, still rather outdated. But due to technical and financial problems, the company was liquidated in 1906. In that same year the new Officine Galileo was founded, strong in the financial support and prestige of such outstanding figures as the industrialist Giuseppe Volpi and the scientist Guglielmo Marconi. In 1909 the company moved to its new plant in Rifredi.