The Second Half of the 20th Century

In the second half of the 20th century, not only the production but also the structure of the Officine Galileo changed. The company, which had been guided by Giulio Martinez for half a century, changed ownership several times, finally becoming a member of the Finmeccanica group. In 1980 the company was moved to the new plant at Campi Bisenzio. The textile sector, no longer competitive, was definitively closed. By the end of the century manufacturing was concentrated in two core sectors: defense and space. Some activities, such as "high vacuum" and photogrammetry, were sold to other companies, while the more classic productions (optical and electrical instruments) were abandoned. Lastly, the name of the company was changed. After having become Galileo Avionica and then Selex Galileo, following various restructuring initiatives and inter-group merging, it is now Selex ES.