Bath basin

    • Provenienza:
      Serra Orlando (Aidone), Montemagno gift
    • Data:
      3rd century BC
    • Materiali:
    • Dimensioni:
      maximum length 99.2 cm, maximum width 76 cm
    • Collocazione:
      Syracuse, Museo Archeologico Regionale “Paolo Orsi”
    • Inventario:
      inv. 33128
  • Bath basin

Basin for bathing in a sitting position while partially immersing the body in water. Along the flat edge, there is a circular concavity used to hold pumice stone or soap. The anecdote, reported by Vitruvius (De architectura, IX, 9-13) in which Archimedes postulated the principle of physics that bears his name while he was immersed in a tub, confirms the frequent use of the baths, at least among some social classes, in Hellenistic society.