Hoop earring

    • Provenienza:
      Taormina surroundings, purchased 1905
    • Data:
      3rd century BC
    • Materiali:
    • Dimensioni:
      height 43 mm, weight 6.1 gr
    • Collocazione:
      Syracuse, Museo Archeologico Regionale “Paolo Orsi”
    • Inventario:
      inv. 25129
  • Hoop earring

Ten beads are applied on top of a hollow cylindrical tube; the half-sphere beads, some covered with smaller granulation technique balls, are alternately arranged with smooth surfaced spheres. Depicted inside the hoop there is a small hill with protruding blades of grass on which sit two long-clawed birds. At the bottom of the hoop a granulation-decorated ball dangles from an applied loop.