Model of a ship

    • Provenienza:
      Syracuse, Fusco necropolis, Tor di Conte, tomb 346
    • Data:
      3rd century BC
    • Materiali:
    • Dimensioni:
      length 46.5 cm, max. height 15 cm
    • Collocazione:
      Syracuse, Museo Archeologico Regionale “Paolo Orsi”
    • Inventario:
      inv. 94056
  • Model of a ship

A model boat with the bow shaped like the head of a sea monster. Inside the hull are five oarsmen whose faces appear summarily fashioned in the shape of a dog's snout. Model boats are often found among funerary goods from the end of 4th-3rd century in eastern Sicily, especially in infants' tombs, probably as symbols of the passage and transport of the soul into the netherworld or as an attribute of guardian divinities from the female or infant world.