Pair of earrings with antelope protome

    • Provenienza:
      Syracuse, Fusco necropolis, Tor di Conte, tomb 111, 1987
    • Data:
      End of the 3rd century BC
    • Materiali:
    • Dimensioni:
      length 20 mm, overall weight 3.1 gr
    • Collocazione:
      Syracuse, Museo Archeologico Regionale “Paolo Orsi”
    • Inventario:
      inv. 98966
  • Pair of earrings with antelope protome

The closely incised grooves on hoop terminate in an antelope head; it is constructed from a bivalve laminate and the horns are worked in twisted wire. The ears are crafted from thin gold laminate; the eye sockets are hollow, missing the stones; filigree elements encircle the neck. The workmanship is particularly refined.