The Institute of the History of Science at the University of Florence

In 1925, the University of Florence Academic Senate granted Corsini, who had requested it of the Rector Chiarugi, the use of premises in Via degli Alfani to be used for an Istituto di Storia delle Scienze [History of Science Institute]. With the necessary support, Corsini believed he could rapidly set up "the finest Institute and the finest Museum in the world". The Institute was first governed by a committee appointed by the University, composed of Piero Ginori Conti, Giorgio Abetti and Giovanni Poggi. Declared a Foundation in 1927, it compiled a statute and was managed by a board of administrators formed of Giotto Dainelli (representative of the Government), Girolamo Gatti (representative of the University), Guido Pellizzari (representative of the University), Piero Ginori Conti (representative of the Donors) and Antonio Garbasso (representative of the City of Florence); Andrea Corsini was appointed director.

Galleria immagini

  • The Alumni of the Medical school meeting at the Institute of History of Science
  • Decree granting the Institute the status of 'Ente Morale'
  • Giulio Chiarugi, rector of the University of Florence from 1924 to 1926
  • Enrico Burci, rector of the University of Florence from 1926 to 1930
  • Giotto Dainelli
  • Gerolamo Gatti