Piero Ginori Conti

Piero Ginori Conti, Prince of Trevignano, was born in Florence in 1865. In 1894 he married Adriana de Larderel and became the managing director of the firm owned by his father-in-law Florestano, situated at Larderello and engaged in processing boric acid. Having become the majority stockholder at the death of Florestano (1912), he implemented a project for overall renovation. With the collaboration of numerous scientists, among them the chemist Raffaello Nasini, he transformed the company into a modern electrical industry, designed to exploit the phenomenon of the so-called "soffioni" (jets of steam spurting from underground) in the Larderello area. First Representative and then Senator from Volterra, he was confirmed in his position by the Fascist regime, of which he was a convinced supporter. A patron of the arts and sciences, collector of antique books, student of political and literary history and sponsor of philanthropic initiatives, he died in Florence in 1939. A graduate of social sciences in Florence, he was awarded honorary degrees in chemistry by the University of Pisa and the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Piero Ginori Conti
  • Piero Ginori Conti visiting the Piana dei Greci reservoir
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