The National Exposition

The Istituto di Storia delle Scienze [Institute of the History of Science] turned its attention to Garbasso's project for a historical-scientific exposition, which had been discussed already in 1923. The new exposition, however, was to be a national one, not limited to Tuscany alone. Corsini and Ginori Conti involved Garbasso himself in the project, and in 1927, having obtained the support of the Fascist Government, they began to contact public archives, universities and libraries, asking them to contribute to the event. Thanks also to the urging of the Government, which deemed the Exposition an initiative of foremost importance, local committees were formed in the major Italian cities, delegated to select the pieces to be sent to Florence. As seat of the event, the Parterre of San Gallo was chosen. The Prima Esposizione Nazionale di Storia della Scienza [First National Exposition of the History of Science] was officially inaugurated on 8 May, 1929, in the presence of King Vittorio Emanuele III. It remained open until November. On display in the halls of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni were some ten thousand objects - instruments, machines, books, manuscripts, maps and portraits - coming from nearly two hundred public and private bodies in eighty Italian cities.

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