The room called "Liguria" actually contained the exhibitions of Genoa, Ferrara, Pallanza and Cremona. The Genoese display was the richest, with objects coming from the University, from the Istituto Idrografico [Hydrographic Institute] and from the Ansaldo Naval Shipyards. The Botanical Gardens of Ferrara, directed by Eugenio Baroni, sent the 50 volumes of Antonio Campana's herbarium, while Pallanza and Cremona contributed very little: the former only an etching of the steamship "Verbano", the latter some instruments owned by the Daniele Manin High School and sent by Prof. Cisonio.

Galleria immagini

  • Armillary sphere designed by Giovan Francesco and Giovan Battista Divizioli
  • Antonio Azzarelli's telescope