The Rome Committee, headed by Federico Millosevich, assigned Giuseppe Montalenti the task of curating its display. Of the 430 objects presented, about half came from the collections of the Osservatorio astronomico del Campidoglio [Campidoglio Astronomical Observatory] and the Museo Copernicano [Copernican Museum]. Special sections were also presented by the Accademia dei Lincei and by the Ospedali Riuniti [Associated Hospitals]. The legendary Imperial Rome was also celebrated, by displaying plaster casts of images from Trajan's column representing hoisting machines, military bridges, boats and aqueducts. The center of the room was dominated by the Capitoline Wolf, symbol of the "Third Rome" desired by Mussolini.

Galleria immagini

  • The Rome Exhibition
  • Eustachio Divini's telescope
  • Universal astrolabe
  • Angelo Secchi's parallactic telescope
  • Spectroscope designed by Angelo Secchi
  • A circumcision knife and a speculum
  • Roman speculum and forceps